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What is “coffee”? The sapiens definition

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Coffee Sapiens describes and analyses coffee according to the Sapiens methodology, a process of scientific analysis that allows the constituent elements of coffee to be observed and understood from various perspectives.

It is the latest volume in the Bullipedia series, a project by Ferran Adrià and his elBullifoundation which studies the universe of fine dining restaurants industry from a historic, social and economic standpoint.
Coffee Sapiens is aimed at professionals in the world of coffee, researchers in the world of food and also any food lovers who wish to delve deeper and innovate in the world of coffee, the enduring symbol of the convivial Italian spirit.

Is ‘natural’ the right term for defining an agri-food product?
What does the word ‘coffee’ mean?
What was the first definition of ‘coffee’?
Coffee as a plant Coffee as a plant
Unelaborated product Unelaborated product
Coffee as a bean Coffee as a bean
Coffee as a drink Coffee as a drink
Coffee as a gastronomic space Coffee as a gastronomic space
Elaborated product Elaborated product