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Coffee as an unelaborated product: from cultivation to harvest

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Coffee cultivation, just like the cultivation of any other fruit crop, is not the same worldwide. Various aspects have to be taken into account, such as the specific conditions of the region it is grown in, climatic variations, variations in humidity levels and the cycle of the seasons.

Factors related to environment and terroir (the relationship that links a product to the characteristics of the microclimate and the soil in which it is grown) have an effect on each characteristic of the coffee bean. Specific agricultural practices are additional factors that must be taken into consideration, such as pruning, the type of cultivation chosen and the management of any plant diseases. The origin and spread of the coffee plant as an unelaborated product (i.e. without any human intervention) took place between what is now Ethiopia and the Arabian Peninsula, where it was first farmed.

What shape is a peaberry bean?
In which month does the Geisha blossom?
Which variety is most commonly grown in Nicaragua?
Fruit of the coffee plant Fruit of the coffee plant
Flower of the coffee plant Flower of the coffee plant
The coffee tree The coffee tree
Coffea Canephora Coffea Canephora
Shade-grown coffee Shade-grown coffee
Terroir Terroir
Fertilization Fertilization
Intensive cultivation Intensive cultivation
Sustainable coffee Sustainable coffee
Historical map of the Arabian Peninsula Historical map of the Arabian Peninsula