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Coffee as an elaborated product: the industry processes

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The coffee fruit undergoes various processes after harvesting. Once it has undergone a number of operations that alter it chemically, it goes from being an unelaborated product to an elaborated product. The roasting and grinding (based on the type of coffee intended for packaging and sale) are further manufacturing processes. The diffusion of the elaborated product took off thanks to Arab traders during the Middle Ages. Throughout the centuries, coffee has incrementally gained popularity in Europe and it is in the West where, thanks to industrial innovation, the product has been further elaborated until becoming the leading product in modern gastronomy that we know today.
But there’s more. Coffee Sapiens delves into cupping techniques and goes on to illustrate where and with what kind of mindset cupping should be done, as well as examining the final step of extreme quality control, tasting by infusion.
How is coffee fermented?
How does oxygen alter and compromise coffee?
After the Arabs and before Brazil, who were the main traders in coffee?
Coffee bags Coffee bags
Roasted coffee Roasted coffee
Ground coffee Ground coffee
The coffee packaging The coffee packaging
1960's coffee can 1960's coffee can
Coffee flavour wheel Coffee flavour wheel