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Coffee as an elaboration: use and consumption in the west

Lavazza Calendar 2003, Espresso and Glamour - Jean-Baptiste Mondino
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Coffee is a rite, a habit, a cultural consumption that varies from country to country (if not region to region). Analysing the central role coffee plays in people’s social life requires close investigation into the customs and uses that have developed in the West over the centuries.
Throughout the years, in different countries, the types of elaborations and developments in culinary arts have resulted in coffee being the subject of various experiments, not just as a beverage, but as a central element of cooking, in constant dialogue with the evolution of taste and the renewal of the very idea of nutrition.
Which European country consumes the most cappuccinos?
Which coffee drinks are favoured by the Scandinavians?
What is a kissaten?
Coffee consumption habits Coffee consumption habits
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Coffee in Europe Coffee in Europe
Coffee in the United States Coffee in the United States
Coffee in Japan Coffee in Japan
The traditional coffee shop The traditional coffee shop