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Elaborations with coffee

Lavazza Calendar 1994 - Helmut Newton
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The differences in the coffees we drink depend — for example — on the origin of the beans, the extraction technique, tasting equipment and serving temperature. Each elaboration method is accompanied by different foods (yes, even savoury ones!) based on context, place and time of the day.
Besides the most common forms of preparation, this volume explores the infinite possibilities of the coffee & spirits sector. In other words, how coffee can be used in mixology to create original drinks (such as the Coffee Martini) and how coffee is used in other aspects of cuisine.
Do you know how much pressure, measured in bars, is exerted by an AeroPress?
Is it better to drink an Eiskaffee in a glass or in a large porcelain cup?
Which distilled spirit is used to make an authentic White Russian?
Espresso coffee Espresso coffee
The syphon The syphon
The Turkish ibrik The Turkish ibrik
Marocchino coffee Marocchino coffee
Chemex Chemex
Bicerin Bicerin
Coffeetail Coffeetail
Gourmet coffee Gourmet coffee