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Coffee: where and when to drink it

Lavazza Calendar 2011, Falling in love in Italy - Mark Seliger
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Coffee is a rite that changes from country to country, region to region, city to city and even from hour to hour and house to house. Context is a fundamental component of the coffee experience.
As a result, the selection of a coffee drink depends on various factors, such as the time day it is consumed — coffee drunk with breakfast at home or a coffee-based drink consumed during an aperitif.
What’s important is the motivation of the person who drinks it: “Am I thirsty?”, “Do I need a pick-me-up?” or, “Do I want to try a particular type of coffee?”. The social experience is affected by numerous factors and this beverage is evolving to increasingly encompass the needs of the consumer.
What glass should be used to serve a caffè shakerato?
What is retronasal aroma?
How long does the crema on an espresso remain intact?
The coffee consumption context The coffee consumption context
Coffeetail Caipimoka Coffeetail Caipimoka
Coffee at home Coffee at home
Coffee bar Coffee bar
Coffee in the nature Coffee in the nature
Coffee cocktail with acacia flowers Coffee cocktail with acacia flowers
Coffee and social interaction Coffee and social interaction