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The coffee setting: offer and experience

Lavazza Calendar 1999, La sensualità del caffè - Magnum Photos (Steve McCurry)
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The coffee experience is not just a question of taste and context, but also one of sensations that concern the human organism as a whole. Coffee has an effect at a biological and mental level.
This makes it important to analyse human sensations and perceptions, emotions and capacities: all the basic elements for elaborating and tasting coffee. Besides this, it is indispensable to analyse how the gastronomic offer of a coffee bar should be structured to ensure that the experience is as complete and immersive as possible. There is more to coffee than a cup, it is a complex cognitive process.
Can the décor of a coffee bar influence the perception of what’s on offer?
What aspects should you concentrate on to understand if an espresso is of good quality?
What psychological factors influence the gastronomic experience?
The will to open a coffee bar The will to open a coffee bar
Lavazza flagship store Lavazza flagship store
The entrance to the coffee bar The entrance to the coffee bar
Taking the order Taking the order
Coffee blends Coffee blends
Gambrinus Gambrinus