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Coffee bar: understanding the business and setting up an enterprise

Lavazza Calendar 2007, Express yourself - Erwin Olaf
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Opening a café or coffee bar means becoming a business entrepreneur. Every detail needs to be analysed to reach an understanding of what it means to open a business and how to manage it successfully, how to create a business able to sell coffee in the best manner (and with an increasingly better offer) and how to manage its public image.
This is a guide, in the form of a dialogue, for a well-informed entry into the complex world of gastronomic entrepreneurship. Each aspect is studied and analysed. Each detail must be considered, so nothing is left to chance. The coffee bar can be a complex enterprise; pure ambition is not enough to create a success story, the key also lies in serious dedication and organisation.
What are the principle responsibilities of a good coffee bar manager?
Do you know how to make a strategic analysis to improve your business?
What questions should you ask yourself before opening your own business?
The company's organisation The company's organisation
Some tips to open a coffee bar Some tips to open a coffee bar
The business model The business model
The gastronomic offer The gastronomic offer
Marketing and brand communication Marketing and brand communication