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Organisation and operation of a coffee bar: a daily enterprise

Lavazza Calendar 2009, The most incredible espresso experience - Eugenio Recuenco
In this
The coffee bar is a complex organisation that has to function in all its aspects. It is a finely tuned mechanism, attentive to every detail, from the selection of products to be served to the most effective communication strategy in order to create a unique experience for the customer.
The journey into the world of entrepreneurship continues with the discovery of the secrets to best manage an ambitious business. This chapter also looks at how the restaurant industry has continued its evolution, how it has been able to open itself to technological innovations (even within its daily management) and how it needs a team capable of reacting during difficult times with the knowledge and capability of meeting the growing demands of the public.
What goes on behind the scenes in a coffee bar every day?
How do you get customers attention, draw them in and make them loyal?
Which elements make up a perfect mise en place ?
The coffee bar management The coffee bar management
The organisation of the space The organisation of the space
The decor The decor
Lavazza Coffee Design Lavazza Coffee Design
The team The team
The importance of statistics The importance of statistics