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What does it take to manage a coffee bar? Leadership

Lavazza Calendar 2006, The first class espresso experience - Ellen von Unwerth
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All gastronomic companies are based on a well-defined structure and hierarchy. An efficient and effective team is an indispensable ingredient for ensuring the success of a business.
This is why it is essential to have leadership capable of uniting its management talent and a decisive attitude with traits such as emotional intelligence, a vision of the bigger picture, the appetite to question themselves (and to accept criticism), as well as with personal qualities such as honesty, loyalty and courage.
It is also necessary to have a good dose of creativity and the capacity to work as a team together with other co-leaders. Not an easy task, by any means.
How do you choose the people to work with you?
What are the distinctive characteristics of a good leader?
How do you motivate your team?
The leadership The leadership
The team's briefing The team's briefing
Planning Planning
Staff meeting Staff meeting