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The resources needed for a successful coffee bar

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Resources are all the elements that a business owner uses for the day-to-day running of the premises. These elements may even be intangible, such as the values that define the company’s culture or the ability to have an innovative vision of the world in order to keep leading the business to new discoveries, never allowing it to fall into the rut of routine.
Then obviously, there are the physical resources — such as products and all the items found in the premises — the human resources, essential for the success of a project and the financial, structural and organisational resources. A successful business uses these resources to their best advantage, always treating them as an added value.
What training is required to become a barista?
What is meant by intangible resources?
What equipment is used daily behind the coffee bar counter?
The tools The tools
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Human resources Human resources
The available tools for the bartender The available tools for the bartender
Elaboration techniques Elaboration techniques
Coffee bar customers' area Coffee bar customers' area