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The sociocultural impact of coffee

Lavazza Calendar 2008, The most majestic espresso experience - Finlay MacKay
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Coffee is drunk around the world and in every imaginable situation. Thanks to its starring role in the daily routine of Western society, coffee enjoys a privileged position both for constructing sociability and as an element described through works of art and storytelling. Furthermore, the sociocultural impact of coffee opens a vast chapter on its history and its uses, direct and indirect, in the formation of the Western mentality. How were different coffees created? How were the social seeds sown? What was started around the coffee cup?
How do you make 3D latte art?
Who has illustrated coffee in film?
In which artistic-cultural sectors has coffee had the greatest impact?
Coffee in gastronomy Coffee in gastronomy
Coffee in architecture Coffee in architecture
Qualità Oro advertising Qualità Oro advertising
Terrace at night, V. Van Gogh Terrace at night, V. Van Gogh
Coffee and cigarettes Coffee and cigarettes
Coffee in the education field Coffee in the education field